CamPoS: Cambridge Philosophy of Science

Welcome to CamPos

Cambridge combines great traditions in science and philosophy, being one of the birthplaces of the modern form of the discipline, in both cases. For more than half a century, particularly since the establishment of the Department of History and Philosophy of Science in the 1960s, it has also been a major international centre for the philosophy of science – that is, for the study of the rich and fascinating questions that arise where philosophy and the sciences intersect.

In contemporary Cambridge, philosophy of science thrives in a rich and a highly diverse network, linking scores of individual researchers. Our community is very widely dispersed within the University, in HPS, the Faculty of Philosophy and many colleges and scientific departments. It is also internally diverse, with active groups in many sub-specialities.

CamPoS (the Cambridge Philosophy of Science network) is the new public face of this large, vigorous and many-tentacled organism. Our initial aim is to make its strengths and activities more easily visible to researchers, students and visitors, both present and future, and both inside and outside the University. Later, as the face finds its voice, our hope is that CamPoS will speak for the entire community, wherever such a voice might be useful.

Hasok Chang and Huw Price, for the CamPoS group
October 2012